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Second Service - 09:00 AM
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We Come to the World for Serving

God comes to us in free and undeserved favor in the person of Jesus Christ who lived, died, and rose for us that we might belong to God and serve Christ in the world. Following Jesus, Maranatha's are engaged in the world and in seeking thoughtful solutions to the challenges of our time.

We are committed to Jesus Christ, the Bible, and the Great Commission. We are committed to the multiplication of the Kingdom and God minded. We are Maranatha Temple.   
                  You are welcome here!!

The Holy Bible
Read sacred, inspired and divine text to find your self.

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Biblical Seminary
A theological college is in the business of changing lives, preparing leaders and established hundreds of churches from the last 35 years.
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Vimukthi Charities
A non-profit organization vision for the social wellbeing of others and objectives is philanthropy.
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Vivaha Vedika
We help young, we help families to find the suitable mate and we build families through wedlock
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Experience God's Presence
Apr5th-5th Apr,2020
Palm Sunday
  • Sunday 09:30:00 - Sunday 06:00:00
  • Maranatha Temple
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxlRIf8n1uEmCuduOSgS3UQ
Jun22nd-31st Mar,2021
Maranatha Biblical Seminary
  • Wednesday 17:00:00 - Monday 07:00:00
  • MBS
  • Nunna
Mar22nd-30th Mar,2020
NO Worship on Sunday
  • Monday 04:00:00 - Sunday 02:30:00
  • Maranatha Temple
  • 59-8-2/1, MAranatha Temple, Vijayawada